Five Great Genuine Accessories For Your Grand Cherokee

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Choosing a vehicle at the dealer can be a time of excitement, but at times the choices may feel a bit overwhelming. Once you have decided upon your model and optional features, it’s time to settle in and get to know your new Grand Cherokee. After you are familiar with all it has to offer, you can step up your game by customising your vehicle with Genuine Jeep® Accessories. By partnering with Mopar, Jeep ensures that their add-ons are top of the line, warranty compliant, and built to last.  

Sport Utility Bars  

Perhaps the most useful of all the accessories, Sport Utility Bars open up your abilities from the top down. Easy to attach and remove as needed, these bars work with the production roof rack to expand your cargo capabilities. Once installed, it is easy to attach roof boxes, baskets and carriers and hit the road.  

Tow Bar Kit  

Driving a midsize SUV comes with certain perks, and the ability to tow other vehicles is certainly a bonus. Whether you have a boat that needs sailing or a set of motorbikes that need racing, installing the Tow Bar Kit makes all your hauling needs simple to meet.  

Cargo Mat Kit  

Your Grand Cherokee has the ability to go beyond the nicely paved road, but just because you may be planning on conquering the outdoors, it doesn’t mean you want to bring everything back with you. Installing the Cargo Mat Kit will protect the interior of your cargo compartment so that no gear is too grimy to haul inside the vehicle.  

Dog Bed Cargo Area Mat  

A journey is always better when it’s shared, and your best four-legged friend is probably begging for a chance to explore the world with you. With the Dog Bed Cargo Area Mat, your Grand Cherokee becomes a home away from home for your pet. Both comfortable and practical, it will protect your cargo area from fur or drool while ensuring that your loyal companion rides in style.  

Skid Plates  

Off-road adventures should add excitement to your life, not the headache of damages and necessary repairs. Skid Plates will protect not only the underside of your vehicle but your peace of mind as well. Leave the road without worry using these damage-deflecting accessories.   Check out the full line of Grand Cherokee Accessories and get started. Still without a new Jeep? Contact a local dealer and find out more.