Outfitting your Jeep 101: Maintenance and Care

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What could be more important than taking good care of your Jeep® brand vehicle?  Not only is good care and maintenance important for performance and operation, but it will help keep your vehicle looking good for years to come.  Today, we’re going to talk about how you can keep your Jeep 4×4 running well and looking good, along with a little help with Mopar® parts and accessories.

First and foremost, keep up with regularly scheduled maintenance by taking your Jeep 4×4 to an authorized Jeep dealer or maintenance facility. This will help lengthen the vehicle’s life, improve the performance, contribute to better gas mileage, and help maintain the value (just in case you decide to trade your current vehicle in for a new Jeep vehicle).  Regularly scheduled oil changes, tire rotations, and 30,000-mile services are extremely important.  Most Jeep brand vehicles have sophisticated 4-wheel drive systems that must be maintained on a regular basis. So avoid an expensive repair bill by keeping your vehicle in top condition under the hood.

Exterior: Keeping your Jeep 4×4 clean is next on the list. A lot of us enjoy taking our vehicles off-road and testing the limits, but make sure you give yours a thorough cleaning afterward.  Excess mud can add quite a bit of weight to your vehicle and can cause corrosion if left for a long period of time.  Use a power washer to get all the mud, sand, and salt from beneath the vehicle.  After cleaning, a good coat of wax can help preserve the paint and exterior of your Jeep 4×4.

Mopar offers several accessories to help keep your exterior clean and looking good. A front-end cover (bra) is a great idea if you live in an area where there are lots of bugs or gravel roads. The front-end cover can be easily installed, and it protects the front of the hood and grill from rock chips and becoming caked with bugs as you drive down the road. Do you have to park your Jeep 4×4 outside?  Mopar also has vehicle covers that can protect your 4×4 from the effects of the sun and elements.

Interior: Keeping the interior of your Jeep vehicle clean can also be a challenge if you like to get involved in the off-road adventure lifestyle.  Despite your best efforts, the inside of your vehicle may get dusty, muddy, wet – or a combination of all three.  After your adventure, take some time to give your interior a thorough cleaning to avoid permanent damage to the surfaces and carpet.  As with the exterior, there are some great products offered by Mopar to help protect the inside of your Jeep brand vehicle.  Slush mats are a good idea to protect the floor carpeting.  These are heavy duty floor mats that are relatively inexpensive and great looking, and keep the floor of your vehicle protected from water, mud, snow, and dirt.  For the Jeep Grand Cherokee or other vehicles with a cargo area, cargo mats are also available to help protect the interior from excessive wear, or to keep the carpet free from dirt, or even a wet dog!  Finally, Mopar seat covers can also protect your seats from muddy clothes, the sun, and general wear and tear.

Remember the old saying: “If your Jeep [vehicle] isn’t dirty, then you’re not having enough fun.” We agree, but we also keep our Jeep brand vehicles in top condition and clean them as soon as possible after our adventures. That way, they will not only run great for years, but we will be proud to drive them down the road.