The New Jeep 4x4 Has Arrived. What Should You Expect?

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Long known as the premiere manufacturer of rugged, durable off-roading vehicles, Jeep® has avoided the trap of complacency and instead has continued improving their vehicles each year. 2014 saw the introduction of new 4x4 options that improve fuel efficiency without sacrificing capability. What can drivers expect from the new 4x4?   

Better Fuel Economy Leads to Better Adventures  

Unlike traditional 4x4 vehicles, which use extra petrol even when it is not necessary, the new Jeep 4x4 employs an innovative means of delivering improved fuel economy. The rear axle disconnect feature means 4x4 capability is there only when you need it. Leaving the paved road is one of the best ways to experience your new Jeep, but you shouldn’t have to pay extra for the privilege. Although 4x4 is an excellent way to take advantage of all that your Jeep has to offer, the ability to engage only when essential means you can use the petrol savings to further your adventures.  

Options Abound  

With different 4x4 options offered on two Jeep Cherokee models, owners are able to better personalise their vehicle to suit their needs. Interested in saving money via a petrol alternative? Choose the Jeep Cherokee Limited with the 2.0L I-4 Turbo Diesel engine and Jeep Active Drive II 4WD with low range.  Want a little more luxury on your off-road adventures? The fully-equipped Jeep Cherokee Trailhawk features a 6-cylinder engine, Jeep Active Drive Lock - 4WD system with low range, and all of the amenities you would expect in a top of the line midsize SUV. Jeep has long managed to combine comfort with capability, and the new Cherokee 4x4 line is the pinnacle of that achievement.  

Related Features  

The advanced 4x4 system isn’t the only upgrade offered by Jeep in 2014. A new automatic 9-speed transmission is available in every Cherokee model, improving capability by utilising software to monitor conditions and adjust accordingly. Traction control is a main priority in an off-road vehicle, and the Selec-Terrain® system allows drivers to choose from Auto, Snow, Sport, and Sand/Mud options to better their capability and performance. Trailhawk owners also have the Rock option, to ensure your vehicle is ready to go wherever you are.  

Want an up close and personal look at the new 4x4 line-up? Locate a dealer and request a test drive today.