Never lose sight of where we came from

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We thought you might be interested to see the old and the new!

This old girl is a 1996 XJ Jeep Cherokee Sport and was one of the first sold officially in New Zealand. 

This one owner vehicle was traded in on a new Jeep Cherokee last year and we just couldn’t let it go!

We decided that with 120,000km, a full service history and with everything working perfectly we should give this old Jeep a birthday. 

A polish, a new battery and couple of shopping trolley dents removed and it now drives like new, even the original Pioneer cassette deck with electric aerial still works!

The bulletproof 4.0L Chrysler straight six and four speed auto still put out heaps of low down grunt and would still make an excellent tow wagon. 

Parked up next to the latest $29,990 Jeep Renegade the new Jeep looks like a spaceship. 

Sad to see her go but the XJ is now for sale, contact us via or PM us on Facebook to discuss. 

We are selling as is and we reserve the right to vet the new owner!

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